Vintage in Chianti

Vintage in Chianti - Image 1

The period of the grape harvest in the Chianti is certainly one of the most important moments for the whole territory but also an excellent opportunity for you to spend your holidays in the peasant traditions and culture of Tuscany. Our villa is ready to welcome those who want to fully enjoy the Chianti grape harvest.

In general, the period of the grape harvest in the Chianti area is between mid-September and mid-October, when the Tuscan hills are painted with the typical colors of autumn. It will therefore be possible to visit the wineries and farms, which will be fully involved in the harvesting process and in the transformation of the wine, so that you could understand everything that is hidden in this simple activity that recalls the strong bond with the earth and nature.

During the harvest period the medieval villages, the country parishes and the long paths are no longer crowded of tourists and the most curious of you will be able to taste and explore more deeply the great and small treasures of our territories.

For those of you who love good food and not only, the harvest period reveals tasty surprises: the traditional Tuscan cuisine as a matter of fact lives its golden moment thanks to the beginning of the hunt and the mushroom picking.

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